If you have noticed a buildup of soap scum in your bathroom, now might be a good time to consider installing a water softener.  While it is not uncommon to have minor soap scum, if you have noticed that it's nearly impossible to keep the soap scum in your bathroom at bay, then chances are you have hard water.  To determine what is the best water softener for your home, you want to first figure out what minerals you have in your water.  One of the easiest ways determine the water quality in your home, is to have a sample of your water laboratory tested.

These days there is really no difference in the cost to have your water lab tested vs using an instant test kit you may find at your hardware store.  And the difference in information you will get back from a laboratory water test, is immensely valuable to figuring out not only what type of water softener you should purchase, but whether you may also need a water filter for your home.  Once you have a good idea of your homes water quality, the you can look at the various models of water softeners at your local hardware store, finding a unit that can treat your water and also keep up with your water usage demands. 

What You Should Know Before Buying A Water Softener