Slate roof installation requires specialized knowledge and skills but follow some basic rules and avoid common mistakes slate roof is also in the ability of non-professional. To do it right, you should adopt the following practices:

Common Working Practices

Do not walk on the board during installation. Always work out the roof ladders and scaffolding roof. This is to avoid slipping blackboard, a whiteboard that is infringing or occurs after installation. For more information about slate roof visit

Beginner Courses

The beginner's course is one of the most important programs on a slate roof and you have to install it correctly. First, wood or copper nails cant or shim under the bottom edge of the starter course. This will tilt the starter course so that at the same angle as all other slates. Then install the starter course with slate facing down and back up. The beginner's course is the only course that is installed in this way. All other slates fitted with a face-up, exposing the beveled edges.

Side Laps

Make sure you make the right side slap, the overlapping of the lateral between butts side of the board starter and first course of the board. The lap side should be at least 8 cm.

Rag Head

Each slate must overlap the two programs below and you should ensure that you install the correct headlap. The headlap kept a watertight roof. If you get one of your roofs will leak. Head lap to 8:12 and steep sloping roof is 8 cm. If your roof has a low slope (4:12 or 6:12) headlap that needs to be 10cm.

Slate roof installation may be a bit more difficult than installing other types of roofs. By following the above suggestions you greatly increase the likelihood of successfully installing a slate roof on your house.

Tips For Installing A Slate Roof Correctly