Just across the Hudson, a model for the Village’s healthcare future
The Villager, 7/21/11

The best health option
Downtown Express, 4/13/11
“Furthermore, this new emergency room will save lives by lessening the pressure on surrounding emergency rooms, currently overloaded after St. Vincent’s closing. And it will save lives because that’s what an emergency department does: It’s estimated this center with an E.D. will see 30,000 patients in its first year.”

St. Vincent’s: The drama over ‘trauma’
Crain’s New York Business, 4/3/11
“And in a letter to North Shore-LIJ’s Mr. Dowling last month, several politicians who represent the area, including City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, stated that “our first priority for the neighborhood is to obtain a full-service hospital and emergency room to replace St. Vincent’s.”

Editorial: Restoring Our E.R.
The Villager, 3/31/2011
“In a time of shrinking healthcare, this Comprehensive Care Center with a full-service E.D., run by a top regional hospital network, would go a long way toward helping meet our neighborhood’s healthcare needs.”

Best option for St. Vincent’s: Rudin plan gives Village the health care it needs
Crain’s New York Business, 3/28/2011
“… the North Shore-LIJ Health System—run by Michael Dowling, one of the most talented and straight-talking hospital administrators around—would develop a $110 million health care center anchored by an emergency department as advanced as any community hospital’s. It would be the first freestanding, around-the-clock emergency department in the metropolitan area. Operating under the license of Lenox Hill Hospital, it would provide about 95% of the services that St. Vincent’s ER did, including treatment of cardiac emergencies.”

Clinic good Rx for St. Vin’s site: Mike
New York Post 3/15/2011
“Mayor Bloomberg gave a clean bill of health to North Shore-LIJ medical system’s plan to open a 24-hour emergency room and ambulatory clinic at the site of shuttered St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Greenwich Village.”

St. Vincent’s Deal Would Provide Emergency Care
New York Times 3/11/2011
“‘This is a full-functioning, full-service emergency department that is unique,’ said Michael Dowling, the president and chief executive of the North Shore-LIJ Health System.”

Meet St. Vincent’s Replacement
Wall Street Journal 3/11/2011
“The renovated six-story, 160,000-square-foot complex would open in the fall of 2013. Serving between 400 and 500 patients a day, it would fill a gaping hole in the neighborhood’s emergency medical facilities, including ambulatory care and imaging facilities, that were lost when the 160-year-old hospital closed last spring.”

Village Hosp Reborn-New Plan for Old St. Vin’s
New York Post 3/11/2011
“The new, 160,000-square-foot LIJ center in the Village — scheduled to open in the fall of 2013 – is akin to a mini-hospital. It will have an around-the-clock emergency department, a diagnostic clinic and an ambulatory center to perform outpatient surgeries.”

Clear! Rudins Revive Village Hospital, Save Landmark
New York Observer 3/10/2011
“With the contribution of the O’Toole Building and land, St. Vincent’s is pleased that health care is one step closer to returning to Greenwich Village,’ Mark Toney, St. Vincent’s chief restructuring officer, said in a release. ‘Not only are we providing substantial recovery for our creditors but we are also helping to provide a long-term health care solution for the community.”

ER Facility To Open At Former St. Vincent’s Site
Crain’s New York Business 3/10/2011
“The Rudin family said in the announcement that its project team would work with the local community and elected officials to design new park space at the St. Vincent’s triangle. A new 564-seat elementary school at the Foundling Hospital at West 17th Street and Sixth Avenue is also proposed. The Rudin family said it will build the park on the triangle, in addition to providing financial backing for the new elementary school.”

Editorial: Restoring Our E.R.
Downtown Express 3/30/2011
“To be absolutely clear: This is not a mere health clinic or an urgent-care center – but a bona fide, full-service emergency department.”

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