Making Packing and Moving Your Bedroom Easy

When you are moving the bedrooms, you should start by sorting and packing the least used bedrooms first, such as spare or guest rooms. These rooms can also be the place that you can use to store packed boxes and dismantled furniture. Here are some steps to make packing and moving your bedroom easy.

Get every family member involved

That’s right. Get every family member to sort, select and simplify. Children can help by sorting out their closets, dressers, toy bins as well as making piles of what to keep, what to donate or sell. Also, let them decide what they want to move with them in their essentials box.

Pack your clothes

If you are not concerned about wrinkles, you can leave your clothes on hangers and fold them into a medium to large-size box that has been lined with plain paper. Clothes from the drawers can be folded and packing into medium-size box. Don’t forget to label them appropriately.

Tackle and pack shoes

You can leave your shoes in their boxes and then place them in a medium-size box. If you don’t have the shoe boxes, wrap each shoe in plain newsprint, and then wrap each pair together.

Pack linens, bedding, and pillows

Pack these items in a clear plastic garbage bag.

Get furniture ready

Wrap mattresses in a mattresses bag and box. Empty or left then seal dresser drawers. Pack the items on top of dressers in tissue and place them in a small box. This will save you lot of times.

Pack mirrors, pictures, and frames

Mirrors, pictures, and frames should be packed in special cartons. moving companies nj

Packing drapes, curtains, and blinds

To keep those items, hang them in a wardrobe box along. If you don’t have a wardrobe box, fold the drapery in plain paper, pack them in a medium-size box. movers new jersey


Making Packing and Moving Your Bedroom Easy
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