Just like other types of surgical procedures, LASIK surgery has its own sets of risks too. If you are planning to submit yourself to this type of procedure, you need to know the risks that it entails so you will be able to come up with an informed decision.

One complication of LASIK is possible overcorrection or under correction of astigmatism. This happens when the laser only removed a small part of tissue or too much eye tissues. As a result the procedure wont yield the exact result that you wanted. If the tissues are also removed unevenly, it results to astigmatism as well.

Another risk of LASIK surgery is vision disturbance. You may wonder why you are having difficult vision at night after surgery. You may experience having double vision, seeing halos encircling lights or experiencing glare. These are actually among the complications of LASIK. Another is having dry eyes. This is because the procedure results to reduce tear production. When your eyes start to heal, it gives you the feeling that it becomes unusually dry as well. Flap problem is another issue that may be experienced by someone after LASIK surgery. This includes flap infection, swelling and excess tear production.

So, if you are planning to undergo LASIK procedure, choose an eye surgeon who can perform the best lasik surgery. This way, you have lesser chances of experiencing complications that goes along with it.

LASIK Surgery And The Risks That Comes Along With It