Here's what a job description for an Art Coordinator in an international company looks like:

Ensuring delivery of packaging art for all brand portfolios across multiple markets.

Acting as an interface between all relevant parties from the art process, both internal (marketing, regulatory, logistics, finance) and external (package alter analyst in the regional service center, site, art house). Contact us to get more information about art coordinator.

It's Not Easy Being an Art Coordinator

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Coordinating art process between all relevant parties at the art supply chain, both internal (Marketing, Regulatory, Global Category, Planning, Legal & trademark, and Packaging support) and outside.

Helping shape local processes and processes to attain quality and best practice art management that meets the business needs of the organization.

Ensuring all art is progressed in accordance with local processes.

Holding possession of art workflows (Managing Pack Changes and Produce New Packs (NPI)) and coordinating the resolution of technical queries from style, printers, marketing, medical, regulatory group, and supply chain.

Facilitating and leading to cross-functional art brief meetings.

Conducting supply chain impact assessment as part of the change request procedure, considering all factors which impact the customer, supply chain and general enterprise.

Accountable for the timely development of artwork changes, from briefing to document delivery at printers. Chasing approvers where necessary, escalating any flaws/problems to key stakeholders.

Liaising with other areas if using shared substances and/or providers.

The words in bold, highlight the degree of coordination this individual must do between different internal and external stakeholders, across multiple areas and time zones, with a deep understanding of regional and local regulations to resolve issues and get faster to the marketplace.          

It’s Not Easy Being an Art Coordinator
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