Wine glasses exist for a simple reason; which is to enjoy the fine flavors coming from the wine. Moreover, it allows us to drink in a moderate consumption rather than getting drunk by having from the bottle directly. There are many types of wine glasses made for all types of wines.


Here are a few ones you should know considering you love having occasionally.

  1. White Wine Glass – These glasses are made perfect to have white wine such as White Rioja or Chardonnay. These glasses come with a small or large bowl in order to preserve the flavors while maintaining cool temperature. Moreover, white wines comprising of medium to high acidity can also be enjoyed in this type of wine glass.
  2. Bordeaux Glass – A Bordeaux Glass is perfectly made to enjoy old aged wines such as the likes of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. These glasses have wide opening and large surface at the bottom that allows the alcohol to evaporate quickly.
  3. Bourgogne Glass – If you wish to enjoy red wines comprising of light or subtle aromas, then consider having in a Bourgogne Glass. Due to the round-shaped bowls at the bottom, the aroma of the wine is preserved. St. Laurent, Pinot Noir etc. are the best red wines to enjoy inside these glasses.
  4. Red Wine Glass –Red wines comprising rich flavors of the tannins and spices must be had in a red wine glass. The aroma and smoothness can be enjoyed due to the wide opening this glass comes with.

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Different Types of Wine Glasses