There are three sectors of government entities that are vitally related to Computer Network Defense and the Intelligence Community adds an extra level of security because of the classified nature of local community activities.

As a result, contractors that provide Computer system Network Defense (CND) products and services are held to even higher standards compared to a high requirements of companies for Cyber Security projects.

The concept of Computer Network Defense includes a broad menu of services that offer an infrastructure against cyber violence from domestic and international sources. While each organization has specific Cyber Safety needs and protection of classified data and details, a general roadmap could be developed and used as being a template for individual end users. You can also learn about eavesdropping by visiting official website.

General Objectives:

In general, contractors that perform Computer system Network Defense Services are tasked to fulfill four objectives.

• Recommending architectures, software and computer hardware

• Implementing the authorities approved solution

• Performing operations and maintenance of the CND program

• Insuring that safety measures requirements for classified substance are met ( a higher level of security requirement).

The contractor can also be required to make normal formal reports and/or briefings detailing status and accomplishments inside the various CND functional places.

Establishing a viable and compliant Computer Network Defense is really a major undertaking and involves skill and effort. This is particularly true when handling the Intelligence Community agencies and handling classified information. This requires experience professional engineers with the required security clearances as well as CND required certifications.

Computer Network Defensing – A Higher Level of Security