Every cell, tissue and organ is controlled and coordinated by our nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) which is protected by our skull, spinal column and pelvis. If these nervous system pathways are impaired then impaired function throughout the body can result and cause chronic back pain. Orthopedics specialists at PSSM are experts to handle back pain and they can help you to cure your back pain.

In this kind of cure, the doctor uses either their hands or a small activator to manually adjust the spine plus the areas surrounding it. This is done to put the body in proper balance again for it to function well. Extremely common for popping and cracking noises being heard during spinal manipulation out of the gas bubbles in the fluid across the area being treated.

When one system from the body is out of position, this tends to cause the domino effect and ends up resulting in the rest of the body becoming out of position. By manipulating and adjusting your spine, balance can be restored along with systems are given time to resume proper functioning.

Massage is often recommended in conjunction with chiropractic treatment, either before or perhaps after and adjustment, as component of a longer treatment regimen. This combination of treatments often produces more efficient results, and faster healing from the patient. One of the causes of this to be true is usually that both massage and chiropractic care shares a similar goal – helping to achieve a situation of total well-being, not simply rest from the immediate symptom.

Can orthopedics help to cure back pain?
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