Granite is a natural stone which includes quartz, feldspar, mica, silica, obsidian, and other innate minerals. Most people choose granite countertops over other substitutes, such as laminate or Corian because of their unique beauty.

Each sandstone tile includes a unique gemstone, intensity and color difference. Granite has a quality that does not change its color, so it does not lose its brightness from time to time. If you want to install granite countertop in your kitchen, then you can click

In general, the cost of a granite surface will vary based on square size. In addition, there are several other factors such as edge selection and backsplash, which will affect the costs. If you are going to go for unique advantages then you have to pay a high price.

 Even though this countertop is very wear-resistant, the material itself cannot have a guarantee on it, because it is a default stone. However, the installer can provide a guarantee for the installation.

This natural stone is heat-resistant, so you can place a hot vessel on the surface of the tile. Granite will not burn, scratch, or break if you use it for normal purposes. This stone can be washed with warm water with light-colored dish soap.

Because there are special stone cleaners available, don't use hard cleaners on the table. The granite slab must be resealed when moisture seeps into it and resealing needs to be done once or twice a year.

Benefits of Installing Granite Countertop