Marijuana has a very powerful chemical known as THC name creates side effects and many people do not approve of its use, even for medicinal purposes. This article will attempt to take a completely unbiased look without taking sides.

There are many medical uses of cannabis and others are discovered all the time. Many cancer patients go through different types of chemotherapy that cause them to suffer from terrible nausea. Many supporters have provided evidence that the effects of THC can help make these people not feel dizzy and could also help to cope with chronic pain. If you are looking for the marijuana transport service then you can visit

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Another very valuable property of cannabis that some people in the medical community have argued is its ability to stimulate hunger. As mentioned earlier, many cancer patients are not hungry because they are sick to their stomachs. Some AIDS patients have stated that the THC consumption boosted their hunger to the point where they could provide much-needed power to their bodies.

There are so many people, especially many elderly, who suffer from some kind of condition such as glaucoma. There are many studies and patients with these diseases that suggest that people got relief from this eye pressure after using THC.

Applications of Medical Marijuana