The saying is 'Diamonds are a girl’s best friend'. 

Well, there's a new sheriff in town, the pink diamond.

Pink is a universally loved colour especially by the ladies, and the rarity of a pink diamond makes a more lasting impression. Seeing one on real life has a wow factor other diamonds simply cannot equal. 

As they are so rare with over 90% of the world's entire pink diamonds coming from one country – Australia,  you may not know much about them.

Here are 4 facts as to why you should consider a pink diamond. Click here for advice on pink diamond investment

1. The Rarity 

Pink may be a typical colour for precious stones in many other rings but not diamonds, and they are even rarer than white diamonds. Top-end jewellery is all about uniqueness; the details are what sets it apart from its contemporaries. To give you a benchmark, a mine that produces around a million carats of rough diamonds may only get to sell one carat!

2. Where do Pink Diamonds Originate From?

Their origin is Western Australia, the most famous mine is the Argyle mine and this is the one that produces over 90% of the global pink diamond load. 

Other countries also have them in small abundances such as Canada, Brazil and South Africa. 

Once the diamonds are cut, they are polished and sold, but this is done only through an exclusive tender. 

3. Why are they Pink?

The industry knows how other coloured diamonds got their respective colourings, but it is yet still unknown how these diamond got pink colouration.

Unlike clear diamonds a coloured diamond is unique, you will never get two exactly the same. Pink Diamonds usually have a secondary hue. This is certified under orange-pink or purple-pink. 

4. It Is One of the Most Valuable Diamonds

Usually, one-carat costs start at $100,000 and rise to $1 million. There are many factors involved, the cut, clarity, intensity and shape, a professional will be able to explain. 

Now you know a few facts about pink diamonds, take a look what’s on the market.

4 Reason To Consider Pink Diamonds